• My post on I-Li k General Chat - Subject "Standards-Eclipse Glasses

    From Ed Vance to Mike Powell on Thu Apr 4 10:56:20 2024
    I haven't learned how to write some text on this phone and be able to Copy & Paste the text into several echos.

    Or how to do it as MultiMail DOS 45 would let me do that, so others echo readers could see the information I thought to pass along.

    I wrote my post in the I-Link General Chat echo because recently the topic of Standards was either in a Tagline or the subject under discussion.

    I will never know how to do everything I think of doing but I keep on trying.

    I just wanted to share my thoughts with You, about the Subject, and about my fumblings here.
  • From Ed Vance to Mike Powell on Thu Apr 4 16:49:26 2024
    The links I typed in the I-Link post needs correcting a bit.
    The first link needs the /iso12312-2 removed so the whole page can be seen. Both links need. https:// in front of them.