• Htpe63.Exe Works On Vista

    From MIKE POWELL@CAPCITY to ED VANCE on Fri Jan 17 16:49:00 2014
    │ I'm not sure if I will try Telnetting to CCO any more or not.
    │ I might play with it some to see if I can get over the problems
    │ I felt that I had the last time I tried connecting with Telnet.

    │ Right now I can't even remember what it was I had trouble doing,
    │ I'm thinking it was with the QWK packet door.....

    It may have been. HPTE has some transfer protocols which should allow you
    to download QWK packets. Maybe the previous method did not?

    │ Hope all is well there in Frankfort, Kentucky.

    Cold, but seems to be well. ;-) Hope all is well in your neck of the
    woods also!


    ##MMR 2.61ß. !link EV 1-16-14 23:37
    ■ BgNet 1.0ß12 ≈ from the dial-up/telnet nodes * 502-875-8938/cco.ath.cx