• HTPE63.EXE Works On Vista

    From Ed Vance to Mike Powell on Thu Jan 16 23:37:00 2014

    I've been telling Tom Walker about HyperTerminal PE Ver. 6.3
    in the WindowsA echo.

    Today I logged on and found the HTPE63.EXE file and downloaded
    it and got it installed on my Vista box, and it Worked!

    So it was me knocking at the CCO BBS door via Telnet a couple
    of times to see if I could log on through the XP box and then
    the Vista box.

    By knocking at the door, I mean that I tried connecting just to
    see the Welcome screen but I didn't Log On those 2 or 3 times,
    I was just checking to see if I could Log On and also after I
    told the program to Save the Settings for CCO BBS that it kept
    the settings, IT DID! I'm glad to find out it does work in

    Tom has a Windows 7 computer, he knows the Web Portal's URL
    and he may download his own copy or he may send me his new
    Email address and I'll send HTPE63.EXE to him.

    Since HyperTerminal PE Ver. 6.3 worked on Vista I'd think
    it would also work for him on W7, Hope So.

    net2ftp.com still works for me, thanks for telling me about it.

    I'm not sure if I will try Telnetting to CCO any more or not.
    I might play with it some to see if I can get over the problems
    I felt that I had the last time I tried connecting with Telnet.

    Right now I can't even remember what it was I had trouble doing,
    I'm thinking it was with the QWK packet door.....

    You will know if I got brave enough to try Telnet if you see
    a entry about that in your BBS Logs.

    Hope all is well there in Frankfort, Kentucky.

    ... Schizophrenia rules. OK. OK.
    --- MultiMail/MS-DOS v0.49