• You Are Up, They Are Down

    From Ed Vance to Mike Powell on Mon Jun 17 15:13:00 2013

    I just checked the Web Portal and it is working.

    Net2ftp has a server error.

    I hope I didn't do it a few days ago when I connected to it
    and logged on, then because I didn't see the normal screen where
    I could grab a QWK from CCO BBS I closed the Tab in Firefox and
    I connected to it again and saw the same results on the page.
    So I logged out.
    I tried to Log on again to log out a second time from net2ftp
    but I just got the regular log in page.
    So I gave up.

    Since then all I see when I try to connect is a Blank Page
    when I try to connect with Firefox.
    Internet Explorer 8 allowed me to see that the Error was a
    500 Error something about it couldn't connect to the server.

    I found your old message about using AnyClient instead of net2ftp.

    I had to Register, but even though I clicked on the URL link they
    sent me in a email I still couldn't get the Connect button to show up.

    In the message you sent me you said something about having to have
    a JavaScript Plug-in in my browser.
    I don't have it in the Add Ons list anymore.

    Also because of all of the trouble a few months ago with JAVA
    I Removed Oracle JAVA from my computers.

    As I was writing this I had the idea of trying Net2ftp on another
    computer. AND IT WORKED!!!!

    I have to try again on this computer to see if I can upload
    this QWK packet to CCO BBS now.

    ... Backup not found: (A)bort (R)etry (P)anic
    --- MultiMail/MS-DOS v0.49