• Net2Ftp

    From Ed Vance to MIDNIGHT RIDER on Mon Sep 19 20:42:00 2011

    One thing that I've noticed when using net2ftp.com for transferring
    .QWK/.REP packets from/to The Capitol City BBS.

    Sometimes after I read a packet and respond to it and want to send my
    .REP packet within a hour or two of getting the last one from net2ftp,
    after I Login, I will first try to get a .QWK packet but all I see on
    the next screen is a Blank web page.

    So I click the Back button on FireFox and see a message about FF will
    have to Reload the page, so I click Yes to go back.

    Then I will click the Upload button and send my .REP packet.

    That does work O.K. because I AM getting Replies to the messages I
    Upload, even though I don't get a .QWK packet during that session.

    Each time I Login to CCO using net2ftp, the file menu will tell me there
    IS a CAPCITY2.QWK file and will show the current Time for the file.

    I'm supposing I am getting the Blank page when I ask it to send me a CAPCITY2.QWK packet, because SBBS didn't make net2ftp a new one for me
    if there wasn't any new messages for it to put into a packet.

    I'm just figuring that CCO probably transfers mail for GT POWER, FIDO,
    ILink, Piper Net, etc., etc. only once or twice a day and when there are
    no new messages in the Areas I have choosen to be in my .QWK packet,
    SBBS can't make one for net2ftp.com to Forward to me and so I get the
    Blank page on my browser.

    Thanks for the suggestion to use net2ftp.com and for answering the
    questions for me about how to use it.

    I think that I am "IN THE GROOVE" about using it now.

    * SLMR 2.1a #T348 * Bit Decay!? Yoù say ÿou håve Bï┬ Dεçay¿