• Skipping sub-boards?

    From Dumas Walker to ALL on Sun Feb 4 10:06:00 2018
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    Re: Skipping sub-boards?
    By: Ljayo1 to All on Sat Feb 03 2018 12:11 pm

    So as we all know, when you first open a BBS you want to read the latest sub's and replys. However, sometimes within DOVE-Net and on some other BBS servers, i find that Im not intrested in a particular thread on a sub. When the BBS trolls through the new stuff, it then jumps to the next thread with unread posts. Now, am i missing something or can i skip these entire subs and mark them as read, or can i mark them as "unintrested"?

    Yes, use the 'B'ypass command from the Reading messages prompt. It'll ask if you want to remove the sub-board from future scans.

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