• Hey SYSOP!

    From Ed Vance to Mike Powell on Wed Mar 12 07:37:00 2014

    I can transfer packets through net2ftp to you but I can't connect
    to the Web Portal.

    cco.ath.cx is the address I use.

    I even just tried to use Telnet to see if I could get through to
    the BBS but it didn't connect either.

    I made one change in AVAST! yesterday and I will reset it and try again connecting to the Web Portal to see if that is what caused my problem. ---later---
    I changed the setting but still don't connect to your Web Portal.

    I was finally going to use my ROUNDTUIT to see if I missed any messages
    because I messed up the other day and didn't get the packet net2ftp
    was wanting to retrieve for me.

    I can't remember what I did in my fumbling around that day that I
    didn't get the packet, but it's been so long ago that I wouldn't
    want you to reset my count back to that time, even if you could.

    BTW, I remember writing to you the day I goofed up but I can't find
    a copy of the message I sent to know what day I wrote it so I could
    check Message Numbers in the echos I save messages in, to see if there
    is any gap in the numbers.

    I must be kin to Flub-A-Dub on the Howdy Doody TV Show, I surely
    Flubbed that day.

    Computers Are Wonderful!!!!!!!!! <GRIN>

    ... Sleep? Isn't that a completely inadequate substitute for caffeine?
    --- MultiMail/MS-DOS v0.49