• Possible Shutdown

    From Daryl Stout@TBOLT to All on Tue Mar 23 15:46:00 2021
    Due to the recurring financial issues with the house and car as of
    late, and with not yet getting the COVID-19 stimulus check to help
    things, I have decided that it is time to cut back; and this means
    the discontinuance of several items, to save money.

    Basically, if the COVID-19 stimulus doesn't come in by April 1, these
    will be done in the following days, with completion by May 1, if not

    1) As you may know, I was involved in a vehicle wreck in early January,
    2021, which wasn't my fault. They paid the huge chiropractor bill
    ($9100), but I only got $750 for pain and suffering and $67 for Uber.
    I had paid $9950 for a pre-owned vehicle from a local dealership, then
    had to get a trade due to a parts issue on the first vehicle. I also
    had to pay over $4200 for repairs and vehicle tags, which brought that
    up to over $14,000. So, once the title for the first car arrives, I am
    going to take it, as well as the current vehicle with its title and registration, and sell it back to the dealership (likely at a loss).
    That'll mean no transportation (I'll have to take Uber to appointments),
    no more social life (square dancing, ham radio, etc.), but no more car
    related costs (gas, insurance, or repairs). The drivers license may be exchanged for a State ID. That will save approximately $1000 a year in insurance, and $1200 a year in fuel costs...not to mention no more
    property taxes or repair costs on that. Uber will be done extremely
    sparingly. Groceries and medications will be delivered. I will be eating
    very sparingly...and may go several days at a time without eating.

    2) I had thought the BBS would be shut down, but a Sysop has offered to
    have it put up on his cloud server at no cost to me. I likely will take
    him up on the offer, as doing such would save me at least $100 a month.

    3) I will likely kill the T-Mobile line, and downgrade the Verizon to talk
    and text only. That may save $1200 a year.

    4) I will keep the Verizon Mi-Fi for email checks, and website updates. However, while I have unlimited usage, I will only use it sparingly. So,
    I likely will be delayed in answering mail, and being on Facebook. This
    also means that my ham radio D-Rats station, and my HamShack Hotline
    stations will likely go QRT as well; plus, I'm debating whether to continue doing the ham radio traffic nets. I really don't want to have to go find
    a public Wi-Fi to do my email and website work...and if I don't have a
    car, I won't be able to do so, anyway.

    5) I likely will kill the Post Office Box, since I won't be able to go out anyway, without transportation. That was to expire in August, which will
    save at least $150 a year.

    6) I will no longer be able to do any "social life"...for ham radio, square dancing, or otherwise. I was ostracized by churches years ago, and I have
    too many medical issues to worry about getting back into one...as I don't
    rest well at night anyway. Most women at my age are looking for a man to
    take care of them. When I got married, I "brought stuff to the table". Now,
    it has to be the other way around.

    A final decision won't be made until April 1, and I hope the shutdown is
    "an April Fool". Tragically, it's looking more and more like that's going
    to be "it was fun while it lasted, but the bottom line is that I need to
    take care of things at the house, to avoid becoming homeless. And, so all
    the other stuff must go by the boards. Never mind that medical stuff right
    now has to wait".

    Besides, folks are tired of hearing me complain, and want to see me gone, anyway. They'll now get what they want...I hope they'll be happy.

    Daryl Stout, WX4QZ, Sysop (for now), The Thunderbolt BBS, Little Rock, AR

    ... Have you thanked your Sysop or Echo Moderator today??
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