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    Due to my upcoming outpatient surgery for urinary bladder stone
    removal, The Thunderbolt BBS will be TEMPORARILY OFFLINE from Feb. 7-9,
    2020. The surgery is on Feb. 7, but I won't feel like doing much of
    anything for a couple of days after the surgery, with extended
    sleep/rest, and a light diet the likely recommendation afterwards.

    Also, with recent attacks of angina (chest pain)...some severe...I
    have been to both a local Emergency Room, and to my cardiologist, in the
    last several weeks. Both feel that the angina is NOT heart related...but
    acid reflux (GERD) related...because none of the lab work, etc. showed
    any signs of a heart attack. Plus, I don't get "short of breath" with
    one of my other hobbies...square dancing...so, that's a good sign. Three
    hours of square dancing is equivalent to walking six miles.

    Along this line, I have contacted my gastrointerologist, but I'm
    currently awaiting a callback. While I had both an upper GI (EGD) and
    lower GI (colonoscopy) done in 2018, I'm not due for a colonoscopy for
    another year (2021). However, he may want me to undergo an upper GI

    Normally, Medicare won't pay for a procedure unless it's done 367
    days apart. This is why in prepping for a procedure, one does the prep
    work right...because if it has to be done again, the patient has to pay
    the entire cost of the procedure!!

    Unlike the colonoscopy, where one has to clean out the colon with
    purgatives and spent much of the prep time "on the porcelain throne",
    the main prep work for the bladder stone removal surgery, and the upper
    GI procedure, will only be nothing to eat or drink after midnight the
    night before the surgery.

    At present, I do not know the date for the upper GI (EGD) procedure.
    But, the BBS will likely be offline for a similar 3 day window.

    I likely will also have my phone in "do not disturb mode" until I feel better...which I hope is not more than 24 to 48 hours after the

    To all my mail hubs, I will poll for packets (FTN and QWK) once I
    bring the BBS back online.

    Sorry for any inconvenience...your understanding is appreciated.

    Daryl Stout, WX4QZ, Sysop
    The Thunderbolt BBS, Little Rock, Arkansas

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