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    I am involved here in Oakland County Michigan with the emergency management.. I just attended a meeting / presentation last night about interoperability with different radio systems. ie. VHF talking to UHF and to 800MHZ digtal and so on. They (I will spare this particular public saftey organization the humility) have a $40,000 unit which Oakland county owns 3 of that is basicly a big box with mulitple crossband repeaters setup in it. This box allows fire/police/ems/government/kids with FRS radios all to talk and hear each other no matter what radio they are using. This unit has a laptop that sits on top of it. Everything was cool to me, untill the person giving the presentation informed everyone that the laptop runs WINDOWS!?!!?!? $40,000 for an "anti-terrorism" device for communications. My comment was "If your spending $40,000 for a unit like this, wouldn't you want something a little more stable than windows?" Lets face it, Communications are very important, right down to life and death in some instances. WTF?!?!!?

    I don't feel very safe knowing that Windows is running the show when the swat team is trying to catch some kook shooting up my neighborhood.

    Yeah really, I can't keep windows running long enough to run a BBS let
    alone something as important as that.. What a joke :)

    I'd question your hardware. I have currently 9.5 months of solid uptime now on windows XP pro sp1.
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