• My Sunday Nets

    From Daryl Stout@454:1/33 to All on Sun Sep 26 00:01:38 2021
    You can find yours truly, Daryl Stout, WX4QZ, on this net today.
    A list of all the nets that I can be found on during the week is
    at the hyperlink on my QRZ bio -- look for the link that notes
    "Nets Where WX4QZ is Net Control".

    Nets on The QuadNet Array utilize the modes of D-Star, DMR, WIRES,
    and System Fusion, together on one site. Go to https://www.openquad.net
    for details, and connection options.

    All times are in the US Time Zones. During US Daylight Savings Time
    in the U.S., Pacific Time and Mountain Standard Time (Arizona stays on
    MST year round) are identical.




    Net Name: Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA) Digital Net.
    Meets On: The QuadNet Array
    Net Control: Daryl Stout, WX4QZ
    Alternate Net Control: Mike Sturm, KA2E
    Net Time: 5pm Eastern, 4pm Central, 3pm Mountain, 2pm Pacific
    Comments: You do not have to be a member of the QCWA to check into
    the net. However, if you were first licensed as an amateur radio
    operator, anytime in the years 1996 (as of 2021) or earlier, and are
    currently licensed, you can join the organization. Go to www.qcwa.org
    for more details. The main requirement to checkin is being a licensed
    amateur radio operator, with privileges to transmit on D-Star, DMR,
    WIRES, or System Fusion.

    On checkins, please advise if you are "short time". If that's the case,
    once ackowledged, you can secure your station at your leisure. Methods
    to checkin are as follows:

    1) On the QuadNet Array, via D-Star, DMR, WIRES, or Fusion. Go to https://openquad.net for connection options.

    2) Via the IM Utility with Netlogger (netlogger.org).

    3) Via the QCWA Facebook Page.

    4) Via email to wx4qz@arrl.net

    Checkin methods 3 and 4 will automatically be noted as "short time".

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    * Origin: The Thunderbolt BBS - Little Rock, Arkansas (454:1/33)